The brand new Senate Committee with the Regulators Affairs plus the Home Panel on the Government Reform are samples of a good

The brand new Senate Committee with the Regulators Affairs plus the Home Panel on the Government Reform are samples of a good

10. ______ is the specialized label to own legislative oversight. an effective. Management rulemaking b. Administrator privilege c. Adjudication d. Legislative opinion

11. ______ run buck figures and you can progressive change from year to year. amittees towards bodies procedures b. Authorizing committees c. Appropriations committees d. Manager committees

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13. Exec privilege reach become popular during the ______ government. good. Clinton b. Nixon c. George W. Plant d. Ford

14. Congressional group ______ away from 1965 so you’re able to 2009. a beneficial. doubled b. tripled c. try faster in two d. lived a similar

fifteen. Brand new ______ has started to become Congress’s captain case getting examining the overall performance from government programs. a great. House Panel on the Bodies Change b. Treasury Agency c. Senate Panel to the Bodies Issues d. GAO

sixteen. Outputs, abilities, support service, quality, and you can consequences try requirements having authorities organizations in a good. Finances and you will Bookkeeping Work. bpetition and you may Employing Work. c. Government Efficiency and you may Performance Operate. d. statutes of your own Senate Committee toward Bodies Activities.

17. With respect to the Composition, the adopting the hold true Except an effective. Congress makes guidelines. b. Congress brings the latest bureaucracy and you may authorizes software and program directors. c. Congress appropriates financing having programs from inside the government bureaucracy. d. Congress diligently runs rules.

21. A great citizen’s share for the privacy out of personal data have to be balanced against the man’s to discover so they can participate into the democratic bodies. an excellent. Genuine b. Untrue

twenty-two. The government Efficiency and Performance Work enjoys somewhat changed the new towel out-of congressional supervision because of the requiring one to enterprises help the amount and you will the quality of all the info they supply in order to Congress. a great. Real b. Not true

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16. Part of the parts of bureaucratic obligation was a good. federalism and you can ethical conclusion. b. authorities from the proxy and separation regarding energies. c. legislative opinion and you may regulators of the proxy. d. liability and you will moral decisions.

16. The fresh American authorities is amongst the _______ of your own developed places worldwide. A littlest b. largest c. strongest d. weakest

fifteen. Latest authorities purchasing is actually good. give across the of several groups. B centered certainly one of a few groups. c. mainly allocated to foreign-aid and you will protection. d. focused on the fresh direct beginning from functions.

1. The adopting the are included in the entire administrative puzzles you to definitely American authorities spends to settle the newest dilemmas brought on by coordination Except a beneficial. interagency argument. b. representativeness. c. interagency coordination. d. role away from staff inside the supporting and you can managing doing work facts.

step one. The fresh new recent remedies for social management reform question the bureaucratic orthodoxy according to a good. downsizing. b. expert and you can hierarchy. c. proceeded improvement. d. reengineering.

step 3. ______ can occur whenever regulators enterprises attempt to search high categories for established positions. a good. Grade slide b. Decrease in effect c. Buyout d.

4. According to Terry Moe there can be a beneficial mismatch within public’s _____and you can ________which results in a greater number of governmental visits. good. expectations of a president; brand new restricted tips readily available b. attention to government; flexible divisions c. perseverance that have politics; nonprofit professionals d. attention to have regulators; state-top staffers

step 3. Rourke, societal help to own an enthusiastic agency’s decision oftentimes comes from a few additional provide; an enthusiastic agency’s ______ and you will ________. a good. bulk public; mindful publics b. values; pointers c. constituents; finances d. politics; voting stop

step 3. The brand new Congressional Finances Workplace quotes you to definitely between 2009 and you can 2020 this new government financial obligation belonging to the general public given that a portion of one’s total savings tend to an effective. raise. b. elizabeth. d. become irrelevant.

5. Government entities dangers sacrificing control, responsiveness, and often quality if this depends on ______ having system implementation. a good. backward mapping b. whistle-blowers c. proxies d. congressional staff

8. Regulating administration revolves around the following head values But good. voice decisions. b. proceeding fairness. c. rates decrease. d. plan achievement.

nine. ______ is regarding the government agencies’ protection regarding private information for example individuals’ tax returns. a good. Administrative privacy b. Legislative remark c. Performance-depending advice d. Exec advantage

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